Awesome Attorney
Ms. Lauser is a wonderful attorney. She is an attorney who is devoted and loves what she does. I truly respect her for the work and devotion that she puts into each of her clients and cases. I have seen her at work she is constantly fighting for what is right. When she believes in her case she will fight for you until the end. She is handling my juvenile case at this moment and is doing an outstanding job. As far as if Ms. Lauser loves the Lord on some of these reviews they say she is a hypocrite I say this to them "You without sin cast the first stone" we all have our dirty little sins and we are not perfect but I can say that Ms. Lauser does love the Lord with all her heart and she may have her faults at times but she is a very God fearing women and an excellent attorney. If you need a devoted attorney Ms. Lauser is that women. One word that I can say for her is "RESPECTED" she is highly favored and respected.


An Awesome Attorney
I was recommended Pamela by another mother going through custody and CPS false reporting. After the interview with Attorney Pamela. She reviewed my case with a short noticed that trial would be in 30 days. I felt confident and quickly hired Attorney Pamela. I felt very confident that I called Attorney Pamela one a week, I had no worries that my case was in good hands. I had two days of trail, well-organized, a list of witnesses - Yes! Pamela had to move fast on my case. Two days and Pamela was great in asking all the right questions, reviewed all documents and on time. An honest, hard working, well prepared to a last minute trial. I was given custody in a small increment but at the mediation meeting two weeks after the trail. The other party decided/willingly to share 50 - 50 joint custody.


Amazing attorney!
Pamela is an amazing attorney. She not only is very powerful in court but she is very supportive of her clients choices. She doesn't give up and she will do all she can to make sure you get the help you need and she guides her clients in the right direction. I don't know what I would have done without her. She won my case and saved my life and the lives of my family. Hands down the best family law attorney I have ever seen.


Pamela Lauser Esquire is hands down the Best Attorney in the area and Specializes in high conflict Family Law issues
Mrs. Lauser is responsive and fast acting, she knows exactly what to do in even the most horrific and odd cases scenarios. She is honest and dignified and expects the same of her clients, she is caring and compassionate throughout the entire process. Mrs. Lauser is the reason I was able to protect my kids and get them out of a tough situation, she has changed my family's lives exponentially and I consider her to be a family friend after all she has guided me through. I appreciate that she values integrity as I want to work with an Attorney who is honest and never tries to omit or alter the truth. When dealing in Family Law and Custody issues she is the best, not just because she changed my life and the lives of countless others, but because in contacting literally every Attorney in the area after explaining my case, most of them advised me to hire Mrs. Lauser, she is well versed at handling the toughest of cases and everyone in the business knows it.

Custodial Dad

Family Law / Child Custody Case
Mrs. Lauser was great! She was patient with me and took the time to listen. She was knowledgeable and responded to calls and questions in a timely manner. She explained the options and discussed the best course of action. In the courtroom she was professional and a quick thinker. She was thorough and made each and every point clearly and concisely. After years in and out of the courtroom my nightmare is over and I came out on top. Mrs. Lauser was awesome!


My time in court
Mrs. Lauser has done work for my wife and I and she was very efficient at explaining the processes involved for my mom's power of attorney and getting the job done. The power of attorney allowed me to be able to take care of my mom's legal and financial needs along with her medical needs (my mother had a form of dementia) and she was not able to make good decisions for herself. We were extremely pleased by the way Mrs. Lauser helped us in getting through the court process and getting the results we needed.


A Tireless Advocate Dedicated to Preserving her Clients Interests
As someone well-acquainted with Ms. Lauser, I can say that she is a zealous advocate with a heart of gold, and that anyone criticizing her efforts on their behalf is simply too ignorant of their own faults to see the true value of her efforts or has an unwarranted axe to grind. I have had Ms.Lauser settle several legal disputes for me over the past few years, everything from false paternity accusations to civil matters, and her advice has always been sound and well-informed. I am also familiar with her start in the law nearly 10 years ago as a law student learning in another firm, and I can tell you that she has worked hard over the years to distance herself from the petty and dishonest behavior of many other attorneys in Martinez. She is as honest as the day is long and walks the walk when it comes to the ethical treatment of her clients. She takes clients in the toughest of situations and works tirelessly to help fix the messes they've made of their lives. The rest is up to them.


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