Split Your Assets Fairly During a Divorce

Turn to a property division attorney in Redding, CA

There's a lot that goes into a divorce case. One of the most important aspects is dividing your assets. If you need a property division attorney in Redding, CA, turn to M. Pamela Lauser Attorney At Law.

You can trust her to help make sure both parties leave with their fair share of assets and debt. Attorney Lauser strives to make her clients happy and will work to rectify a situation if you're not satisfied. Schedule an appointment with family law attorney Lauser today.

What needs to be divided?

When your finances were intertwined with your ex-spouse for a long time, you likely share a number of assets that need to be divided. Your property division attorney will look at your:

  • Car
  • House
  • Stocks
  • Retirement accounts

Are you ready to move on from your divorce? Talk to a family law attorney about your case today.